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Design PastelsI’m feeling rather pastel what about you?  Getting in touch with my softer side wasn’t such a bad idea  after all. Colors stand to be the most rousing, fetching feature of fashion and are determined whether we have the knowledge to use it confidently and daringly.  The lushness of pastel has popularized not only tremendously but EXCLUSIVELY.  So say farewell to the neon tints and the bold color blocks that have been the rage of the past seasons.   Times are much more modern now and feminine shades must stand alone to form the sophistication looked-for.  Garment of soft shades are most chic in streamlined shapes or used by way of accent pieces with clean designs taking you from charming to striking drastically.  Take your look further… try a more unexpected pastel shade for a twist on the classic pastel motif.  Nonetheless, fit is by far everything in fashion, especially when attempting trends like that of pastels that could effortlessly veer into juvenile territory.

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