Miranda Kerr Makes Headlines In Milan, and Not Due To Her Modeling

Miranda Kerr Makes Headlines In Milan, and Not Due To Her Modeling
It’s fashion week in Milan, Italy and you would think that all the attention would go to the models, right ?Well this week Miranda Kerr made headlines…but not as a model. Kerr was a guest attending La Koradior’s fashion show, but ended up taking center stage.

Kerr appeared in an impressive floor length, strapless sheer white ruffled lace dress. She sported a thick black choker and a stunning white gold thick cuff on her arm. The dress was gorgeous, but seemingly difficult to wear, as Kerr demonstrated by continuously pulling the top up.

Kerr then took fans by surprise when she changed into a lovely satin floor length red and black dress. Kerr shows her love of accessories but donning the same black choker and white gold cuff as she did in her first outfit. If Kerr were a superhero, she might even consider these her hero accessories since they seem to go with everything!

Upon arriving to her front row seat, Kerr was given flowers and was thanked on stage with the designers. Sporting the new little red dress, Kerr gives her award-winning smile for the camera and looks genuinely humbled by the attention.

I suppose that even when she’s not the one doing the modeling, Kerr is still getting the attention. Her outfit change may have something to do with this, but I prefer to think she has simply raised the standard. After all, Milan is one of the five fashion capitals; one does not simply go to a fashion show in Milan without changing outfits at least twice.

Well, maybe one does, but certainty not Miranda Kerr.

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