Head Over Heels

Do you prefer quantity instead quality when it comes to shopping? Yes, I get it. The less it costs,

the more you’re able to buy, right? Wrong! When shopping for the perfect pair of heels, think of

it as an investment. Most people look to purchase “fast fashion” at low costs even if it means poor

quality. You should shop for well-crafted, quality shoes that fit your lifestyle EFFORTLESSLY.

Consider this… If you are able to do typical things in your new shoes without having to

deliberately think about them, they are definitely a keeper.

6 Tips to Loving your Feet in Heels

-Tip #1: Measure your feet for the right size. A popular slipup most women make is having the

wrong shoe size! Did you know that it is common for your feet size to increase up to a full size,

particularly after having kids?

-Tip #2: Be acquainted with your foot type.

-Tip #3: Narrow heels help to keep your foot from sliding. You’ll save your toes from a lot of


-Tip #4: Invest in padding that will absorb shock, instead of your feet.

-Tip #5: Thicker heels provide more balance and support.

-Tip #6: Leather heels conform to your foot the easiest.

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