Fetish Junkee Interview in Bronze Mag

Courtney Troutman Fetish Junkee

Fashion is something we as women love! We crave the newest items and trends. Well, we have a new secret that we are ready to reveal. Fetish Junkee is a hot online shoe and accessories shop that carries the latest and trendiest items any young woman could want! We had a chance to briefly chat with FJ owner Courtney Troutman to find out her inspiration, how she got started, advice to any other like-minded fashionistas, and more! We asked her to describe her style in three words. She says, “Unapologetic, Poetic, and Sensual.” The perfect combination for a woman finding her place in the world.

Read full article: Fetish Junkee: Courtney Troutman

Thoughts by Courtney:

After reading this Bronze Mag article, I was like, “Wow! Is that me?”  I find it to be a blessing to be able to be a blessing to someone else just to share my story and inspire others.  I couldn’t be more overzealous and in awe of myself.

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