I LOVE the idea of DIY projects!  It creates the intellect of individuality while making the projects fun and worthwhile.  As it is found to be that we are more likely to embrace the idea of customization, ingenuity along with the aspect of savings financially.  There are many benefits to reap from making things by hand whether it is having a side hustle, advancing skills or just simply connecting with others.  The things that we make by hand become a replication of our persona conveying value that puts us in touch with the processes of everyday life.  Although it can be quite a challenge at times, we should consider and appreciate the keen skills we have to make it at all possible.  DIY projects serve as a rewarding break to use our hands and brains that cannot be netted nearly any other way.  As with other DIYers, they are as eager to share their expertise and ideas as we are about our own.  Being a DIY individual, depending on others for needs become less habitual.

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