5 Fashion Tips to Beat the Monday Blues

I used to think there was nothing worse than rushing to get ready on a Monday morning. Then I realized that the worst part is arriving at work with no confidence in my appearance. To banish the Monday blues, I developed five tips that make Mondays better.

Plan Ahead
Take a few minutes Sunday night to plan your Monday fashion. Lay out everything you’ll need, including outfit, shoes, and beauty products. This will streamline your Monday morning and give you extra time to grab a coffee.

Dress to Impress
Don’t give into the temptation to wear easy or comfy clothes. Attack your workweek and hit the office runway looking your best! Take a risk with your fashion and wear something fabulous. When heads turn and compliments roll in, you’ll be glad it’s Monday.

Wear Your Favorite Shoes
Mondays are tough. To cheer yourself up and enjoy a confidence boost, wear your cutest shoes. Bonus points for high heels! Sometimes, I even plan my entire outfit around my footwear. One great idea is to pick brightly colored heels and pair them with a neutral outfit of black, white, or gray.

Add Fun Accessories
I know Monday mornings feel gloomy, but you don’t have to dress like it. The quickest way to boost your mood is to layer fun accessories onto your outfit. A choker looks amazing with nearly every neckline. Pack your lipstick and phone in a sparkly clutch; they’re not only for nights out! Add earrings and sunglasses, and you’ve completed your look.

Tap Into Your Inner Beauty
If you followed my tips and planned your outfit Sunday night, you’ll have a few extra minutes Monday morning to settle your spirit before work. Do whatever works for you: meditate, pray, read poetry, or listen to beautiful music. A calm inner self leads to a relaxed expression on your face, which will do more for your appearance than any beauty products.

Nothing to wear… Wardrobe Hacks!!

So if you’re anything like me, you’re probably sitting around this time of year trying to plan your next wardrobe for the upcoming season and figure out the latest and hottest trends…

Trying to plan a look book for the next season, I often times find myself frustrated because I like the way an outfit looks on someone else, but wondering how it will look on my body type. It’s somewhat discouraging, but one of my hacks is reinventing the outfit and finding something that actually fits and compliments my body type in the same colors of the outfit that I loved so much on the model in the magazine. When you think of it… it’s the colors that draw us to the outfit and then the design of the outfit. Pairings of purples and lime green or cranberry with black etc.

So the next time you’re having a meltdown like me take a look at the color combination of a great outfit and make it work for you and then go out and ROCK IT!!!!


Accessorizing is the art of adding that final touch that makes an outfit memorable, striking, and fun to wear. The right accessories are what elevate clothes to an outfit.

Don’t be shy: The point of an accessory is to be noticed, and a good one will be. Embrace being noticeable! Rebel against anyone who’s ever chided you for being too loud or taking up too much space through what you wear. Stake out flashing sign posts about who you are, why you’re here, and how you’re feeling, and look great doing it.

If all the world’s a stage, we’re our own costume designers, and the art of costume design is one of being true to a character and conveying as much as possible about them through accessories. What do you want to show the world about you?

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Eyebrow Tutorial

Are you struggling to get the perfect brows you desire? Check out the latest tips from “Its Jeanette Beauty”

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Head Over Heels

Do you prefer quantity instead quality when it comes to shopping? Yes, I get it. The less it costs,

the more you’re able to buy, right? Wrong! When shopping for the perfect pair of heels, think of

it as an investment. Most people look to purchase “fast fashion” at low costs even if it means poor

quality. You should shop for well-crafted, quality shoes that fit your lifestyle EFFORTLESSLY.

Consider this… If you are able to do typical things in your new shoes without having to

deliberately think about them, they are definitely a keeper.

6 Tips to Loving your Feet in Heels

-Tip #1: Measure your feet for the right size. A popular slipup most women make is having the

wrong shoe size! Did you know that it is common for your feet size to increase up to a full size,

particularly after having kids?

-Tip #2: Be acquainted with your foot type.

-Tip #3: Narrow heels help to keep your foot from sliding. You’ll save your toes from a lot of


-Tip #4: Invest in padding that will absorb shock, instead of your feet.

-Tip #5: Thicker heels provide more balance and support.

-Tip #6: Leather heels conform to your foot the easiest.

Courtney Troutman Fetish Junkee

Fetish Junkee Interview in Bronze Mag

Fashion is something we as women love! We crave the newest items and trends. Well, we have a new secret that we are ready to reveal. Fetish Junkee is a hot online shoe and accessories shop that carries the latest and trendiest items any young woman could want! We had a chance to briefly chat with FJ owner Courtney Troutman to find out her inspiration, how she got started, advice to any other like-minded fashionistas, and more! We asked her to describe her style in three words. She says, “Unapologetic, Poetic, and Sensual.” The perfect combination for a woman finding her place in the world.

Read full article: Fetish Junkee: Courtney Troutman

Thoughts by Courtney:

After reading this Bronze Mag article, I was like, “Wow! Is that me?”  I find it to be a blessing to be able to be a blessing to someone else just to share my story and inspire others.  I couldn’t be more overzealous and in awe of myself.


Looking for the perfect hero accessory? Count on your chic, Bon-Ton clutch to save the day! Ultimately, this stylish grip has been the craving of every sophisticated lady’s wardrobe for centuries now. Extremely popular during the 1920s, clutch bags became a little obsolete with time only to make its grand comeback a couple years ago as Chanel’s box clutches touched a new level of popularity leaving all the other of handbags behind.  Trending by its new found stardom, it seems very dubious that clutches will ever disappear from the fashion circuits anytime soon.

Available in various designs, finishes and looks from metallic to leather from the large daytime clutches to comparatively smaller and a more sleek evening bag to be carried in hand, clutches are fit for any occurrence. They are stylish, chic and trending!

Miranda Kerr Makes Headlines In Milan, and Not Due To Her Modeling

Miranda Kerr Makes Headlines In Milan, and Not Due To Her Modeling
It’s fashion week in Milan, Italy and you would think that all the attention would go to the models, right ?Well this week Miranda Kerr made headlines…but not as a model. Kerr was a guest attending La Koradior’s fashion show, but ended up taking center stage.

Kerr appeared in an impressive floor length, strapless sheer white ruffled lace dress. She sported a thick black choker and a stunning white gold thick cuff on her arm. The dress was gorgeous, but seemingly difficult to wear, as Kerr demonstrated by continuously pulling the top up.

Kerr then took fans by surprise when she changed into a lovely satin floor length red and black dress. Kerr shows her love of accessories but donning the same black choker and white gold cuff as she did in her first outfit. If Kerr were a superhero, she might even consider these her hero accessories since they seem to go with everything!

Upon arriving to her front row seat, Kerr was given flowers and was thanked on stage with the designers. Sporting the new little red dress, Kerr gives her award-winning smile for the camera and looks genuinely humbled by the attention.

I suppose that even when she’s not the one doing the modeling, Kerr is still getting the attention. Her outfit change may have something to do with this, but I prefer to think she has simply raised the standard. After all, Milan is one of the five fashion capitals; one does not simply go to a fashion show in Milan without changing outfits at least twice.

Well, maybe one does, but certainty not Miranda Kerr.

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