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5 Fashion Tips to Beat the Monday Blues

I used to think there was nothing worse than rushing to get ready on a Monday morning. Then I realized that the worst part is arriving at work with no confidence in my appearance. To banish the Monday blues, I developed five tips that make Mondays better. Plan Ahead Take a few minutes Sunday night […]

Nothing to wear… Wardrobe Hacks!!

So if you’re anything like me, you’re probably sitting around this time of year trying to plan your next wardrobe for the upcoming season and figure out the latest and hottest trends… Trying to plan a look book for the next season, I often times find myself frustrated because I like the way an outfit […]


Accessorizing is the art of adding that final touch that makes an outfit memorable, striking, and fun to wear. The right accessories are what elevate clothes to an outfit. Don’t be shy: The point of an accessory is to be noticed, and a good one will be. Embrace being noticeable! Rebel against anyone who’s ever […]

Eyebrow Tutorial

Are you struggling to get the perfect brows you desire? Check out the latest tips from “Its Jeanette Beauty” For the latest beauty tips and tutorials subscribe to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd067f-nuimHiMIxT9Eh8ew!

Head Over Heels

Do you prefer quantity instead quality when it comes to shopping? Yes, I get it. The less it costs, the more you’re able to buy, right? Wrong! When shopping for the perfect pair of heels, think of it as an investment. Most people look to purchase “fast fashion” at low costs even if it means […]

Fetish Junkee Interview in Bronze Mag

Fashion is something we as women love! We crave the newest items and trends. Well, we have a new secret that we are ready to reveal. Fetish Junkee is a hot online shoe and accessories shop that carries the latest and trendiest items any young woman could want! We had a chance to briefly chat […]


Looking for the perfect hero accessory? Count on your chic, Bon-Ton clutch to save the day! Ultimately, this stylish grip has been the craving of every sophisticated lady’s wardrobe for centuries now. Extremely popular during the 1920s, clutch bags became a little obsolete with time only to make its grand comeback a couple years ago […]


I LOVE the idea of DIY projects!  It creates the intellect of individuality while making the projects fun and worthwhile.  As it is found to be that we are more likely to embrace the idea of customization, ingenuity along with the aspect of savings financially.  There are many benefits to reap from making things by […]