5 Fashion Tips to Beat the Monday Blues

I used to think there was nothing worse than rushing to get ready on a Monday morning. Then I realized that the worst part is arriving at work with no confidence in my appearance. To banish the Monday blues, I developed five tips that make Mondays better.

Plan Ahead
Take a few minutes Sunday night to plan your Monday fashion. Lay out everything you’ll need, including outfit, shoes, and beauty products. This will streamline your Monday morning and give you extra time to grab a coffee.

Dress to Impress
Don’t give into the temptation to wear easy or comfy clothes. Attack your workweek and hit the office runway looking your best! Take a risk with your fashion and wear something fabulous. When heads turn and compliments roll in, you’ll be glad it’s Monday.

Wear Your Favorite Shoes
Mondays are tough. To cheer yourself up and enjoy a confidence boost, wear your cutest shoes. Bonus points for high heels! Sometimes, I even plan my entire outfit around my footwear. One great idea is to pick brightly colored heels and pair them with a neutral outfit of black, white, or gray.

Add Fun Accessories
I know Monday mornings feel gloomy, but you don’t have to dress like it. The quickest way to boost your mood is to layer fun accessories onto your outfit. A choker looks amazing with nearly every neckline. Pack your lipstick and phone in a sparkly clutch; they’re not only for nights out! Add earrings and sunglasses, and you’ve completed your look.

Tap Into Your Inner Beauty
If you followed my tips and planned your outfit Sunday night, you’ll have a few extra minutes Monday morning to settle your spirit before work. Do whatever works for you: meditate, pray, read poetry, or listen to beautiful music. A calm inner self leads to a relaxed expression on your face, which will do more for your appearance than any beauty products.

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